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Property Maintenance

First-rate commercial maintenance services, including building repair, landscape maintenance and janitorial services are provided to its customers by Kokua Real Estate Services, LLC or its licensed vendors. With an experienced team, Kokua Real Estate Services strives to provide the very best service in its building maintenance projects. The Kokua Real Estate Services individuals are fully qualified technically and have clearly demonstrated the necessary training, experience and skills. Kokua Real Estate Services customers receive quality, timely, cost-effective and responsive services from every level of our organization.

Kokua Real Estate Services utilizes a proprietary work order system used for receiving, processing, and recording maintenance and service requests. Using direct accountablilty our system will send a request to your assigned maintenance personnel and assign and track all tenant maintenance requests, thereby significantly reducing maintenance response time.

propmaintKokua Real Estate Services:
•    Plumbing
•    Electrical
•    Painting
•    Heating/Cooling
•    Remodeling
•    Tenant Finishes
•    Preventative Maintenance
•    Energy analysis / savings
•    General repairs
•    Lawn & Landscaping
•    Janitorial